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Artists Antarktida




[1]  Sapulce / Meeting
[2]  Katorga / Drudgery
[3]  Tvans / Fumes
[4]  Laastekas / Icicles
[5]  Antarktiidai un briiviibai / homage to Antarctica and Freedom
[6]  Stacija / Station
[7]  Veestule / Letter
[8]  Paisums un beegums /Tide and Ebb

ANTARKTIDA is a collaboration of three latvian musicians of experimental music scene. They have joined forces to manifest the common call to attention towards the highly important transpersonal issues in the transiting society and space. Album "Antarktīdai un Brīvībai" ("Homage to Antartica and Freedom") is a trip toward the unknown, surpassing different margins in music, namely dark ambient and industrial noise. The tracks were recorded and mixed during several sessions in different adapted placesof Latvia between 2008 and 2009. Analogue electronic devices were combined in experimental connections with acoustic and custom made electro-acoustic instruments. In order to as far as possible maintain the original analogue-like sound, the record has not been mastered.

Mandat Nr. 30 // Jewel CD // Price: 12.00 €