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BIOS is latvian industrial / power noise formation of J.Klauss active in years 2000-2005. In 2002 a full-time album titled “Division by Zero” was released on CD by Latvian industrial music label Sturm.

BIOS Division by zero  2002

[1]  Illegal operation   
[2]  Durchfall   
[3]  Hunt for the right substance   
[4]  Rok de noiz   
[5]  Neitron party   
[6]  Interruption   
[7]  Digital resistance   
[8]  Cold technology   
[9]  Nuclear powerplant   
[10]  Cyberwar   
[11]  Division by zero + VEF (bonus track)


agressive rhythmnoise bomber

Mandat Nr. 7 // cd // NOT AVAILABLE