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Gas Of Latvia


Gas of Latvia is an experimental electronic music project by Andris Indāns aka Andžons, based in Rīga, Latvia. It also stands as a label covering the results of collaborations with various musicians of diverse musical fields.

Being in independent music scene since 1994 (Tukšā Muca, M.Gvarde, Kartāga), Andžons has been exploring the depths of sound, operating computer-based controls. He mixes his love for the experimental ambient / noise electronic sound with melodic themes and ethnic elements as well to create a unique blend of groovy electronic music. Andžons is deeply devoted to the soul of sound, focusing on the significant role of a pure signal in delivering the true message. Recently Gas of Latvia has been slightly moving towards “live”, analogue sound. Once player in a punk scene, Gas of Latvia still evolves in a rebelliously unpredictable way, searching for the exit out of the pre-planned and forseenable existence. Gas of Latvia has also worked in theater music and art-installation forms.

“Error is the only space left where the notion can be traced - irrationality,” believes Andžons, the man behind the label. “It is not significant to know how the truth sounds,” rather than to know the sound of lies and to search the way through it.”

GAS OF LATVIA We Are The Champions (audio + video)  2004

[1]  Layers of excitement (parts 1-5)  
[2]  We are the champions (parts 1-6)

gas of latvia we are the champions

All the audio waves of the new album have been recorded with the classic VEF 206 radio receiver during the last summer. The composition reminds of an original radio chronicle created by inter-stational noises over the radio airwaves. Being just as aggressive and critical as meditative and deep, the content of the album is simultaneously to be taken as a musical reflection of both - the contemporary matters and the global social processes - in the interpretation of Gas of Latvia. It contains multiple parted compositions: „Layers of Excitement” and „We are the Champions” which together make a monolith trip of sound through the area of ambient-noise. The title and the themes will reveal themselves upon listening.

Mandat Nr. 15 // cdr // NOT AVAILABLE



[1]  InOut  
[2]  Phenylethylamine  
[3]  XXX  
[4]  First time  
[5]  Bizzare  
[6]  Viva evol  
[7]  One note sex  
[8]  Bass  
[9]  Highest Everest  
[10]  Wonderful machine  
[11]  Christmas sex  
[12]  Lullaby  
[13]  100%  
[14]  Deep fire  
[15]  Union

gas of latvia sex

A 15-episode audiosensual iterpretation dedicated to sex phenomenology from Gas of Latvia (aka Andžons) - a one-man project with a bit over 15 years of existence of blending experimental ambient/noise sound with melodic themes and ethnic elements thus creating a unique sonic mixture. Content of the album will take you to the fields of ambient, idm and noise, where imaginary minimalism turms into seismic pulsation of bass; precise, crystal-clear caos marks the trajectory of intense relaxation. The splices of frequencies and aesthetics of resonations are the sexual process characterising features.This is transformation of intimacy into terms of music, noise and vibration. The musical context is shaped with fragments from the record “Sexual Education”, 1959.

Mandat Nr. 10 // cd // NOT AVAILABLE