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IRKLIS are Aleksandrs Olgerts Berzins, Robin Brüning and Roman Alexander Brüning who have been active members of the band since 1988 [previously known as AUDIOSCOPE]. The reunion in 2003/2004 was the starting point of their new concept album, which finally led to the rebirth of the band under the new name, IRKLIS in 2014.
IRKLIS is an old Latvian word for oar/helm, mostly used in a poetic or philosophical sense.


IRKLIS - The Plague Year

[1]  Dire Overture
[2]  In All Conscience
[3]  A Sallow Sign In The Sky
[4]  Inner Concern
[5]  A Visitation
[6]  Desperate Haste
[7]  In The House
[8]  No Hope, No Limit
[9]  Pride And The Fall
[10]  Lasting
[11]  Breath Of Death
[12]  100 000 Souls

A creation of a cold, narrative atmosphere reflecting the time of the Great Plague of London (1665-1666).
Two guidelines were used to capture this horrifying atmosphere. First, is Daniel Defoe´s novel ”A Journal of the Plague Year“; all lyrics inspired by this novel. Second - the harsh ambiance of 1980's industrial music, created by utilizing equipment from that and preceding eras, analogue synthesizers and sound technology as: EMS VCS 3, ARP 2600, Doepfer A-100, Roland TR-808, Moog Source, Roland Alpha Juno, Yamaha SS30, Doepfer Vocoder, Roland Space Echo RE-201 and many more.

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