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Artists Klusie Viesi

Klusie Viesi

Klusie viesi



[1] Teletaips
[2] Zem Zemes
[3] Slimnieks
[4] Velna Vārsma
[5] Gazmaska

Klusie viesi
[6] Industriālais Pagrimums I
[7] Laika Cilpa
[8] Barikāde
[9] Mūžīgā nakts
[10] Industriālais Pagrimums II

In winter of 2011 Autogen a.k.a. Kaps and Post-Apo urban explorers Iedomu Draugs and Latvis made series of recordings, employing Soviet civil defense and military equipment, in a post WWII bomb shelter in Riga. Recorded sounds were created on non-musical gadgets and various Cold War apparatus.

Klusie viesi [Silent Visitors] - Marcik, Skaida, Erlends and Stropu Jurka - employed the same equipment in winter of 2012, additionally manipulating musical instruments like Soviet synths Polivoks and Formanta-Mini, a guitar and also using oscillations and feedback from various effects units. The recordings were done with participation of Latvis, Iedomu Draugs and readings of poet Janis R.

Items used in these recordings include Soviet coal microphones [retrieved from Daugavpils city bunker intercom system], a self-soldered sequencer and noise generator HZ13, sound "comb" [a detail from coordinating central commutation block], telephone exchange system parts or step-finders SHI-25 and SHI-17, a malfunctioning valve tape recorder, UVB76 buzzer - a soviet UVB receiver. Geiger counter DP-5V with original radioactive test element, self-modified test tone generator G5-54 [manipulated with a screw-driver, short-circuiting the component parts], early computer data cassettes and readings from civil defense Zero Hour manual.

This Mandat has come into existence in collaboration with soulmates from Argentina - Maquinaria Label and Tacuara Records.

Mandat Nr. 38 // digipack // Price: 10.00 €