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Artists Monkmort



Latvian necro-wave ritual ambience, constructed of underground field recordings done in soviet military bunkers sometime around 1996 in Rīga, Latvia and later fulfilled with ambient noise layers and samples. Monkmort is Reno Krauklis aka Knābis (Traur Zot, Knauzers, Pukuu Strjoms) & Uģis Vītiņš. In 2002 their album entitled “Lai Tev vieglas smiltis” is released on CDr by Sturm label. By many it is seen as one of the most powerfull dark ambient pieces released in the Baltics.


[1]  Brown power ritual  
[2]  Katarakt  
[3]  Menga benedictus  
[4]  Perpendicular overland  
[5]  Mother  
[6]  Brown power ritual 2


subterranean rituals / necrofrequencies / grave ambient soundtrack for the dying

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