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Artists Narkose X

Narkose X



[1]  Shidosha  
[2]  Esokran
[3]  Shizo  
[4]  Mangia  
[5]  Mantra  
[6]  666  
[7]  Mindzha  
[8]  Mauka  
[9]  Puta  
[10]  Masturbators
[11]  Vertigo
[12]  Hipno


An X album of dynamic noise beats and hypno-ambient soundscapes with twelve distorted pieces from duo - Narkose. Noise by Kaps & Broilers with vocal participation of Sekundo and Julia in track 1, samples of kLaine on track 2, samples from film Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma (by Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1975) in tack 4; samples from Brigadere's Maija un Paija in track 7; voices of two bdsm sluts from a latvian porno in track 8. Broiler’s voice and lyrics on track 6, Zyrnys’ voice and lyrics in track 10, hypnosis session in track 12 by dr. J. Zalitis accompanied by the sound of electric vacuum tubes.

Mandat Nr. 28 // jewel cd // Price: 12.00 €




[1]  Mindzha   
[2]  Mangia


A dirty elektro release by duet NARKOSE X. Two pieces of bizarre rhythm-noise with low moral vocals and filthy samples. Though, this music is not about intoxication, it is not about obscenity, and definately not about perversion...

Mandat Nr. 25 // 7'' picture vinyl // Price: 12.00 €