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Artists Pixel Hero

Pixel Hero



[1]  Orbital Bombing  
[2]  Alen Caverns  
[3]  The Warp/Raiders  
[4]  Squad 99  
[5]  Asteroid Deathmatch  
[6]  Starnet  
[7]  Pixel Hero Theme  
[8]  Tumor Surfing  
[9]  Nebular Car Dump  
[10]  Starlane Streetlights  
[11]  Drone Builders  
[12]  End Boss / Death Of The Pixel Hero


Pixel Hero's debut album tells a 16-bit story of a single survivor from a planet besieged by a hostile alien race of Kruul. On his long and perilous journey through vast nebulas, alien-infested caverns and jumpgate complexes he encounters many other races, both friendly and hostile, but against all odds the hero pushes on to face the evil Kruul Dreadlord in a desperate spaceship duel to avenge his homeworld. Pixel Hero’s sound is mainly influenced by videogame soundtracks, chiptune artists, Industrial/EBM beats and electro-messiahs like Kraftwerk and Gary Numan..

Mandat Nr. 27 // cd // Price: 12.00 €