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Vakars aiz prieksheejaa stikla

Vakars aiz prieksheejaa stikla

19.JUN.2009 House 'Elektra' opens for a concert night in memory of musician Hardijs Ledinsh 08.06.1955-21.06.2004 "Vakars aiz prieksheejaa stikla" [Evening behind the windscreen].


-          LS TUR
-          V.S.K.B
-          RUDENS LAPAS
-          THINNER
-          PK-25


-          Broilers
-          KNAB
-          Stropu Jurka


N.S.R.D. video recordings on screen.

19:00 - 6:00. Ticket: 3 Ls 

Explore Hardijs Ledinsh' musical project N.S.R.D. recordings (1981-2001), also diverse photos and publications and related material on

Subculture house Elektra is ex-factory A/S Elektra on Adminu str. 4, Riga, Latvia. Entrance via main gate, 13 m straight forward to the central building of the territory, the green door labeled “Sturm” to the stairway, 3rd floor.