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5 errors of Unholy Necromancer

[1]  2nd Error
[2]  3nd Error
[3]  5nd Error
[4]  4nd Error
[5]  1nd Error

"5 errors of Unholy Necromancer" is a lo-fi absurd horror pentalogy, two person performance experiment and follows Unholy Necromancer, the protagonist through different parts of his life.
All errors were performed live between 2007 - 2015.

Mandat Nr. 40 // VHS // Price: 10.00 €





IRKLIS - The Plague Year

[1]  Dire Overture
[2]  In All Conscience
[3]  A Sallow Sign In The Sky
[4]  Inner Concern
[5]  A Visitation
[6]  Desperate Haste
[7]  In The House
[8]  No Hope, No Limit
[9]  Pride And The Fall
[10]  Lasting
[11]  Breath Of Death
[12]  100 000 Souls

A creation of a cold, narrative atmosphere reflecting the time of the Great Plague of London (1665-1666).
Two guidelines were used to capture this horrifying atmosphere. First, is Daniel Defoe´s novel ”A Journal of the Plague Year“; all lyrics inspired by this novel. Second - the harsh ambiance of 1980's industrial music, created by utilizing equipment from that and preceding eras, analogue synthesizers and sound technology as: EMS VCS 3, ARP 2600, Doepfer A-100, Roland TR-808, Moog Source, Roland Alpha Juno, Yamaha SS30, Doepfer Vocoder, Roland Space Echo RE-201 and many more.
IRKLIS are Aleksandrs Olgerts Berzins, Robin Brüning and Roman Alexander Brüning who have been active members of the band since 1988 [previously known as AUDIOSCOPE].
The reunion in 2003/2004 was the starting point of their new concept album, which finally led to the rebirth of the band under the new name, IRKLIS in 2014.
IRKLIS is an old Latvian word for oar/helm, mostly used in a poetic or philosophical sense.

Mandat Nr. 39 // CD digipack // Price: 10.00 €






[1]  Teletaips
[2]  Zem Zemes
[3]  Slimnieks
[4]  Velna Varsma
[5]   Gazmaska

Klusie Viesi
[6]  Industriālais Pagrimums I
[7]  Laika Cilpa
[8]  Barikāde
[9]  Mūžīgā nakts
[10]  Industriālais Pagrimums II

In winter of 2011 Autogen a.k.a. Kaps and Post-Apo urban explorers Iedomu Draugs and Latvis made series of recordings, employing Soviet civil defense and military equipment, in a post WWII bomb shelter in Riga. Recorded sounds were created on non-musical gadgets and various Cold War apparatus.

Klusie Viesi [Silent Visitors] - Marcik, Skaida, Erlends and Stropu Jurka - employed the same equipment in winter of 2012, additionally manipulating Soviet synths Polivoks and Formanta-Mini, also using oscillations and feedback from various effects units. The recordings were done with participation of Latvis, Iedomu Draugs and readings of poet Janis R.

Items used in these recordings include Soviet coal microphones [retrieved from Daugavpils city bunker intercom system], a self-soldered sequencer and noise generator HZ13, sound "comb" [a detail from coordinating central commutation block], telephone exchange system parts or step-finders SHI-25 and SHI-17, a malfunctioning valve tape recorder, UVB76 buzzer - a soviet UVB receiver. Geiger counter DP-5V with original radioactive test element, self-modified test tone generator G5-54 [manipulated with a screw-driver, short-circuiting the component parts], early computer data cassettes and readings from civil defense Zero Hour manual.

This Mandat has come into existence in collaboration with soulmates from Argentina - Maquinaria Label and Tacuara Records.  

Mandat Nr. 38 // CD digipack // Price: 10.00 €





AON – Mūžību meklējot

[1]  Atnākšana
[2]  Siltums
[3]  Noguruma kamols
[4]  Nolemtība
[5]  Tālu jūrā
[6]  Lidojums ap sadegušo pasauli
[7]  Mājupceļš
[8]  + A Puse

Intelligent and driving electronica with layers of deep and textured ambience. A complex and psychoactive sonic journey praising the hidden powers of the mind, nature and the Universe. An Opus dedicated to life itself as the driving force of evolution.

Mandat Nr. 37 // CD digipack  // Price: 10.00 €

aon cd 130




AUTOGEN - Mutagen

[1]  Par Veelu (Too Late)
[2]  Terapeits (Therapist)
[3]  Nederiigs (Obsolete)
[4]  Nevajag (Don’t)
[5]  Nemieraa (Turmoil)
[6]  Trakumaa (Frenzy)
[7]  Suurums (Pungent)
[8]  Par Zaali (All Becomes Grass)
[9]  Veel Nee (Not Yet)
[10]  Tev Nebuus (Thou Shalt Not)
[11]  Vakaraa (In The Evening)
[12]  Auksts (Freeze)

This is an intelligently orchestrated ambient and pulsating rhythms of the Cold Elektro, during the period of 2008-2012, all 12 tracks are written and arranged by Kaps. Mutagen is an aural journey of post-industrial influences, all echoing a soundtrack atmosphere that is overwhelming, dreamlike and surreal, Mutagen’s soundscape of electronic textural layers and minimal sampled digitized voices will provide you with a mesmerizing experience of a post apocalyptic emotional ride, struggling between the tensions of despair and hope, order within the realm of chaos.

Released in cooperation with

Mandat Nr. 36 // CD digipack + slipcase




KNAUZERS - Kvizingtaktika

[1]  Uzacu pacelshana
[2]  Miega migla
[3]  Baltaa deja
[4]  Kvizing [2 koki]
[5]  Hipnotaktik

Ambient hypno-saga from the dark doings of Knābis and Stropu Jurka. Vibes of somber austerity, crepitating noises and mesmerizing pulsations of ascetic audio shamanism.  Darkroom music for rites of lust.

Mandat Nr. 35 // Mini CDr // Price: 7.00 €





HEZZEL - Purge

[1]  Intact
[2]  Your Name Is Love
[3]  Move Your Head
[4]  Pulling Teeth
[5]  Fucking Horrible
[6]  Reality Distorted
[7]  Killed Her
[8]  Mellow
[9]  ID
[10]  Snakes
[11]  Seeing Electricity
[12]  Suck My Warm Pretzel
[13]  Afraid Of Own Shadow
[14]  Test Positive
[15]  Psycho

A flaming cocktail of diverse electronic music genres, based on rhythmic noise sound with techno and breakbeat influences. The first CD release of HEZZEL - a compilation of previously net released tracks, with some unreleased goodies.

Mandat Nr. 34 // CD super jewel box // Price: 10.00 €





THINNER - Submission To Hazards

[1]  Approved by majority
[2]  Powerdose
[3]  Learn from the animals
[4]  Two kinds of people
[5]  Chemical distortions
[6]  Equivalence
[7]  Not real
[8]  Stropa behres I
[9]  Stropa behres II
[10]  Witches
+ Curriculum Vitae (video)    

This is a pulsing elektroise charge with ten projectiles of grinding beats, caustic tunes and noxious verbal messages. Heeding senseless acquiescing to throes for 'greater good' - a job that gets on your nerves and wastes your life, relationships with people you are 'forced' to have, reconciliation with removable evils - hazards we all submit to.

Mandat Nr. 33 // CD digipack // Price: 10.00 €

thinner - submission to hazards




KORONAR -  Biopunk Romantica

[1]  Pestītāja
[2]  Push it out
[3]  Godzilla Baby
[4]  Your light
[5]  Kantaina peža
[6]  Help
[7]  Atom Samurai
[8]  Scratch Me
[9]  Stigmata Plague
[10]  Ministry Of Love
[11]  Biomechanical Research
[12]  Nephilim City
[13]  Lenoras Sapņi
[14]  Nektārs
[15]  Vraks      

KORONAR music is a frantic copulating of rhythmic noise and ambient harmonics.  This is an Arthur Berzinsh's prosection of inner contradiction nodus in progress, under a very personal project designation emphasizing a fateful component of the author’s existence -  but a two chamber heart within his chest. 'Biopunk Romantica' is a 70 minutes' sellection of tracks from all sonic output since 1998, where floating audio fractal fibres and clashing rusty mechanisms morph irriversably and mutate with pop, jazz, 8-bit, and other music elements into a new metaphysical effigy. This biopunk creation has nothing to do with the sci-fi cyberpunk genre branch exploring the social and psychological aspects of gene enginering though. In this particular biopunk concept biology is a contrasting allegory of human metaphisical system, mutual relationships, inner contradictions and survival endeavours in frames of society. It is a revalation, that we are not individual and independent – we all form one organism, a system, a scheme, a framework for ever being entirely interconnected.

Mandat Nr. 32 // CD digipack // Price: 10.00 €






[1]  attak  
[2]  v asara  
[3]  79 sekundes  
[4]  attak 2
[5]  memorials  
[6]  iešaut
[7]  kārdinājums  
[8]  plaukstas  
[9]  m.e.t.g.  
[10]  zīmējot laimi ar grafīta zīmuli +STROPS+  
[11]  cilvēku labā +3oT  
[12]  ave, radionāve! +ZYRNYS+
[13]  metodisks +THINNER+      

Experimental dark ambient release by Tarchoks and Koils. It all started in 2006 when it seemed no longer possible to keep holding all this within, partly due to the surrounding environment. Like induction, shame - as masochistic means to feel strange guilt for breaking imagined social and moral constructions, or making them serve another purpose; and conservation of energy - the two minds and bodies, often being intoxicated death close, transforming energy into something else.
A tranquil accompaniment for madness, and information overload, pouring into your consciousness and subconsciousness through every smallest crack.

Mandat Nr. 31 // s/t CD jewelbox // Price: 10.00 €

kauna traips





[1]  SEASANSFDSPAIR - Tai Ziemaa
[2]  SCRIPTA SENSUS - Dveeselu Putenis
[3]  SVAMPKOKS - Murgs Visupirms
[4]   VEEROT - Shvakais Uzpariht Marsch
[5]  KNAUZERS - Melnaa Saaga
[6]  CLAUSTRUM - Melanhola
[7]  BEEDU VEESTNESIS - Shkirotava
[8]  ANTARKTIIDA - Katorga
[9]  MACABRO - Black Moon Rising
[10]  DARBA DIENESTS - Pornodieeta
[11]  MORTARUM - Sonar
[12]  APATIJAS PROCESS - Slave Boy
[13]  CELMLAUZIS - Nelifts
[14]  POSTS - Aicinaajums
[15]  CLAUSTHOME - Sieben.Drei.Zwolf
[16]  MELD - Mechabuddha
[17]  V.S.K.B. - Aiz Muguras
[18]  AUTOGEENS - Par Veelu

Silver CD:

[1]  ROSEWATER - Cerihbu Juhra
[2]  NAV SAULES - Noizexperience
[3]  ANACODAINE - Pieskariens
[4]  HEZZEL - Magnets
[5]  TETSUO SHIMA - Plumbum
[6]  PIXEL HERO - The Warp Riders
[7]  PURVA PIHSCHLI - Disciplina
[8]  G-SHOWER - Maizes Dziesma
[9]  NARKOSE:X - Masturbators
[10]  TEC17 - Nearstejams
[11]  SYMMETRY OF ASYMMETRY - Burning Footsteps
[12]  LENORAS SAPNI - Stigmata Plague
[13]  W.O.M.B. - Dead Undead
[14]  CYBERPUNK - Trust Yourself
[15]  LS TUR - Trachrakts
[16]  THINNER - Curriculum Vitae
[17]  OYAARSS - Holeage
[18]  AUDIOSCOPE - Lasting


Sturmmandat 4th sampler of dark ambient and industrial related electronic music from Latvia.

Mandat Nr. 29 // double CD compilation // Price: 16.00 €

sturmer 4




BARODARHO Triumvirāts

[1]  Pēc goda, pēc varas
[2]  Bez bailēm, bez naida
[3]  Tumsa un migla
[4]  Zobratu paaudze
[5]  Melnais zelts (Naftinieks)
[6]  Agresora patvaļa
[7]  Nāves deja
[8]  Dieva zēni
[9]  Invalīds (daktera versija)
[10]  Sāpes...sāpēs
[11]  Uz galu
[12]  Embrija dumpis
[13]  Pēc goda, pēc varas (video)

A cycle of six years, six months and six days in BARODARHO existence has come to an end with a release "Triumvirats" as the epilogue to it.
This is the anima-union of despair poet Eduard Veidenbaum [1867- 1892] and bloodbrothers Cucmex & Zyrnys in cruelty idealism, for only thus and so can be preserved the visions of justice and the truth...
Dissident of life Veidenbaum's reality phantom in the form of poetry is a prophecy from the past, about the present and the future, and BARODARHO carries this prophecy on with cogwheel notes and cry syllables.

Mandat Nr. 23 // CD digipack // Price: 10.00 €

barodarho triumvirats





[1]  ERROR Food money sex sleep
[2]  CYBER PUNK Creative destructive life
[3]  ROSEWATER Kombikorm
[4]  DEVNOISE Enemy contact
[5]  BIOS We are the modificators
[6]  TRAUR ZOT Vīrs un vārds
[7]  ZOT Kapat - 2H
[8]  BARODARHO Reversaa
[9]  GRBR Ratio
[10]  KNAUZERS Miers un bērziņš
[11]  CLAUSTRUM Not so happy
[12]  RADIO KAPUT ПP-1 (vacuum relay nr 1.)
[13]  BALLET RACHITIS Sadales velve
[14]  SWAMP KOKS & CLAUSTRUM Telephonica
[15]  ANOCODAIN Never
[16]  MAHARADJAN 5 ābolēni


compiled by R. Krauklis

Second compilation of Sturmmuzika, absolute selfabandonment for a trip beyond boundries: BLACK = WHITE.

Mandat Nr. 9 // cd // Price: 10.00 €

sturmer 2